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Not all Dream Homes are the Same… Let Me Help You Find Yours


In my experience, a house is not a dream home because of its size or colour. It’s about how you feel when you walk through the front door – the way you can instantly see your life and family there.  This is about more than just real estate. It’s about your life and your goals.


Buying a home in Moose Jaw, Regina or surrounding areas is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. To ensure that you make the best choice, ask yourself a few questions. “What do I really want in a home? What is my current financial situation? What is my financial and lifestyle needs?” If you know the answers, then it is Time To Make Your Move.


The more knowledgeable you are as a Buyer, the Better. It is imperative you choose a Knowledgeable Honest agent who will skillfully represent your best interests throughout the entire Real Estate Process.  This is your #1 Responsibility. “While it’s your choice to Buy, you empower your agent with trust to help gain better market awareness to make well informed decisions, support your final choice and control the negotiations”, states Vicki.  When you work with me, your dedicated REALTOR®, on a planned strategy, chances are you’ll be moving into your dream home sooner than you might imagine.


Here are some things to keep in mind before and during your search:


Do the math and establish your purchasing power. Meet with a lender who will help you to qualify for the best financing.  Getting pre-approved can put you in a much stronger negotiating position because it shows Sellers that you are a committed Buyer.


Start searching… One of the most important tools you need is right at your fingertips.  The Internet. There are a ton of real estate sites you can search on, but and are the largest, using the (MLS) Multiple Listing Service system to locate them.  In addition it’s great to drive the neighbourhoods you want to live in, and My personal Homespotter app, can give you instant details and photos while you are out in front of a possible dream home, and allow you to see on a map of the neighbourhood all the available homes as you drive around. Download it today! Also, you can search My Listings right here on my website.


Location, Location, Location is everything! Not just for you but for re-sale value, when you resell again.  Narrow your search to a couple of neighbourhoods that you like best. Check out schools, parks, public transportation and recreational areas.


I am dedicated to helping you make the most of all your opportunities. By providing you with the resources and information you need. I ensure that you’ll make informed decision about your real estate investment. I always communicate my commitment to your success when I help you buy the biggest investment you’ll probably ever make.  I work closely with you to determine your needs and wants and help you devise the most success full plan.  I am with you from start to Closing and beyond.


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