How To Choose Your REALTOR®

How To Choose Your REALTOR®

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Here are my top 5 recommendations when choosing your next REALTOR®

1. Trust, Integrity & Track Record – Experience is certainly important, but compatibility, integrity and track record, can give you an insight into the REALTOR® performance levels and why other sellers work with them. Ask for their track record numbers, ask for recommendations by others they have worked for check their testimonials. Lastly you really have to be compatible with the REALTOR®, this is one of the largest transactions you will ever deal with, and that compatibility creates Trust, which is crucial.

2. Market Knowledge – Make sure the agent has experience in your location and with houses that are similar to yours. Market knowledge is very important as it is often related to location in a large part. Ask the REALTOR® their experience in the neighbourhood and how many sales they have already achieved there specifically.

3. Talk Numbers – There is a great deal of data related to real estate transactions, all of which is accessible to the agent. So, ask for the real straight goods on the trading in the particular neighbourhood. Not just the sales volumes, selling prices and list to sale price ratios, but ask for stats on how long houses tend to be on the market for.

4. Ask for a Plan – Once you have found an agent you want to work with, find out what their plan is. A big way REALTORS® differentiate themselves these days is in their marketing. In Real Estate, hanging a single For Sale sign is easy, but a smart REALTOR® has a plan to set your property apart from the rest. Ask for a plan, ask if they work with a TEAM, ask about visual/virtual presentations, do they work with a professional real estate photographer. Ask how they will expose your home to the public and the right demographic for your property, and do they offer staging? Ask the questions!

5. Good Communication – Communication shows the commitment to your success and you reaching your real estate goals. Having a REALTOR® that cares and that works closely with you to keep you up to date on real estate activities, how the market is performing and staying proactive with your property, only allows you to make informed decisions about your property…after all that makes a TEAM! Successful Teams can achieve greater than just one person.

It’s important to remember that the right agent will ensure that your interests become their interests.

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