I’m Honoured! Thank You!

I’m Honoured! Thank You!

Being awarded a Top Producer for 2019 with Global Direct Realty Inc., means a lot, as I work hard. I work hard for my clients and I have a big heart and really…I mean really care about my clients. Seeing the smiles on their faces when they find the perfect home or when their home sells, is the biggest satisfaction to me and my heart is warmed. Just to get to be part of peoples journey on one of the biggest decisions they can make from a financial stance, real estate, is amazing.

What I am going to tell you though is behind every award or major achievement, it is not all sunshine and roses. To be a successful REALTOR®, means you have to give a lot up, or organize your life to fit into everyone elses.

So I am honoured and thankful to all my past, present and future clients for putting your trust in me to help you make a move. I do want to send the biggest Thank You and Love to my family, Claude, my hubby, and Jonathan my son, (aka – JP, or Jonny, or even Sweet Cakes. lol) for they have given the most to help me achieve my career goals.

I keep the above picture (JP gave me like 10 years ago), posted on my desk and just under it is my life motto, to keep me going (if you can see it in the small print). See, being a busy REALTOR® means you might be working 24/7, all the time basically, and Claude and JP know that more than anyone. They see it, they often know that I’m not home for dinner, or can’t make it to the hockey game or even enjoy an evening with friends. Being a REALTOR® is a way of life. And I thank Claude and JP for the unconditional support. Now when we get to actually spent time together, we don’t just hang in a room together doing 3 separate things or on our phones, we really, really spend quality time…and that is even more powerful than just hanging in a room as a family.

So although it might not be often or as much as we like, when we do, it is 100 times more than if we just mindlessly hung out all the time. So thank you Claude and JP…love you guys more than I could ever show you.

I’m Honoured and Grateful for everyone in my life and work that has supported this achievement. It just couldn’t of happened without you.