My New Year Wish for All

My New Year Wish for All

My New Year Wish for All! 

Resolution – ”stresses firm determination to achieve one’s end”.

Well, 2023 is a day away…what are your resolutions? If you have any, do you have the strength to accomplish them? I’m sure, we all put resolutions together. Are you ready to reach them? 

I know nothing more than what I experience myself and my life thoughts. But often in the past I have felt, heard and seen, in every new year, that as days, weeks, months of the new year move forward people who made New Year resolutions (including my past self) often get less motivated and start to settle into the repetitious days they have continued to have from the past as it is comfortable, it is safe, it gives us solace in knowing what the outcome will be of that day…and knowing how that outcome feels to us.

For years, I don’t make New Year resolutions, and really want to continue my inner thought process of “every day is a blessing, an opportunity, a chance to step out of my comfort zone and write something new in my life, no matter how long it takes”.  Does this make me different?

I really don’t think so…but what makes it different is, I think it and I strongly believe in long term goals and all the million little decisions you make daily, will guide you to what you what to accomplish without you even thinking. That is inner strength in my mind. When you believe in your goals, when you meditate on them, when you visualize them, you will make it happen, without thinking! 

Will it happen overnight, next week or next month…most likely not, but over a year have you moved a bit closer without a real effort…YES! Then multiply that by years…imagine how much closer you are! You may not have completely reached your end goal, but you have moved closer…that is what we should be happy with. 

I say “should be happy with” because we can forget to be happy! I find when I personally set short term goals as a “resolution”, I can get very sad if I didn’t achieve my “it”. If I think long term, then all the ups and downs of daily life, although real…are just daily life! And whether I reach a goal or not short term, I always know I continue to work toward my long term goals. 

Why I do this? It’s for my mental health! I certainly always want to reach a goal, after all I’m a high achiever, but as people, all our mental health is delicate, and the last thing I want to do to myself is demotivate and depress myself because I didn’t reach some goal (although important to me), I set for myself just because I wanted to.

Also, you see how I used the word “myself”, I am not, or have ever felt in competition with others.  I love to see success in others, and I support them whenever possible. It’s beautiful to see and I aspire to achieve my own success too. 

It’s hard to give while focusing on yourself. I always offer and give whatever I can to others, but when I focus on anyone outside of me…I can’t even begin to reach a goal …and trust me my natural tendency is to give rather than to concentrate on myself. 

I figure it’s about focus… whether consciously or unconsciously. To be clear this is not meaning I can’t give and support others in their success, I’m just saying, don’t give up or lose yourself in the process. 

What we must ensure is we protect our Mental Health! With mental health being in the spotlight and a real society & community issue, I want to send out this note to say, keep your goals long term, meditate on them, ensure you believe in your goals and let all the little million decisions you make subconsciously daily, take its course to lead you into achieving all your life’s “resolutions”, long term, without losing yourself in others.  

Keep moving forward and keep daily life happy. So you didn’t make it to a goal…so what…do you still believe in the goal…keep it alive, focus and really believe it…you will see how you subconsciously achieve everything you dreamed of over time, when you don’t even realize it’s happening.

My wish for all is to start believing in yourself, regardless of reaching a short term goal that you set for yourself. The long term is what we should all concentrate on, so our daily life keeps us happy.  Life is too short isn’t it! After all, “We’re Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)” as the song goes. (Canadian Rock Bank – Trooper released in 1977, Album – “Knock ‘Em Dead Kid”).

Happy New Year and wish us all to be happy! Keep your mental health, your heart & your mind strong in 2023!